Vic's Natural Audio Personal Training Sessions by Victor Joseph Costa

Vic's Natural Audio Personal Training Sessions

The Best Audio Workouts you can get for the gym or for home. You can actually use these while you train. Vic instructs you and counts out your reps and sets and teaches you about bodybuilding in between sets. It is like having Vic train with you at your side. You get 16 audios covering every body part. Are you ready to start training with one of the top trainers in the world. Bonus- a 15 minute Skype or Phone call with Vic.

Professional opinions

Doctors, Athletes, Scientists and even trainers agree that Vic's training is the safest and most effective for fitness and bodybuilding.


Transformations involve immersion. They are not hard at all when one is focused and committed. In my opinion, the absolute difference between those who transform and those who do not is simply a matter of what you can see in your mind's eye before having it in front of you. If you can envision it, the rest is just well, simple. Vic's training is unique and unlike any other. These audios will teach you the tools you need to train properly, the rest is up to you. Peace, Vic

Justin Lacy, US Coast Guard

Justin used Vic's Training to transform his body over just 15 weeks.

Chris Pedersen

Chris Pedersen transformed his body and his life over the course of just 2 months.

A Trainer's opinion

 There is no better endorsement than from that of another trainer. Top Trainer Lass Lassiter uses Vic's training for himself and his clients. 

Remarkable Results- Naturally

Victor Costa believes that the body is more than willing to comply with our wishes, we just have to speak to the body using the right language or signals. The world is currently obsessed with supplements, steroids, and the idea of forcing the body into compliance. The body does not work that way without severe consequence. Victor does not believe in performance enhancing drugs, steroids or supplements- he believes in healthy habits and allowing that health to express itself. 

Let's Do This!

Victor Costa ( pictured left) has been training clients for over 20 years. He is certified by the International Sports Sciences Association and has received an honorary lifetime certification for his contributions to the sport of bodybuilding.

What You Get- 16 incredible- detailed audios of Vic taking you through your training. Vic created these audios so you could specifically bench and do lat pulldowns while receiving instruction without looking at a screen. Bonus- a 15 minute Q&A with Vic, on Skype or Phone. (Results may vary based upon effort, time, and other factors- either way- this is how you train).

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