The Darn Good Fitness Band Workout by Victor Joseph Costa

The Darn Good Fitness Band Workout

The Best Resistance Band Workout you can do anywhere. Bodybuilders use weights all year round and when they pump up back stage before a contest, they use bands- why? Because they are awesome. My resistance band workout incorporates my bodybuilding training paired with resistance training. I quit the gym for over a year and did only this workout to test my program. My results were incredible and yours will be too. Start out with beginner and work your way to advanced with my coaching. Let's grow with bands!

What's Included: 3 Incredible Resistance Band Workout Videos, Beginner- Intermediate and Advanced

Video Icon 3 videos


Beginners Resistance Band Workout
59 mins
Intermediate Resistance Band Workout
48 mins
Advanced Resistance Band Workout
(1h 06m 37s)