Vic's Legs

Vic does his own brand of squats. He has been known to use very light weights and sometimes performs lunges with no weights at all. He practices what he preaches. 

Vic's Legs - ripped and ready

As a child, my grandmother and uncle loved taking me to see the horses race. There I would witness the most beautiful creatures at the peak of their performance. I was indelibly taken by their condition and one could I argue I was inspired more by these equine athletes, than any human athlete. I do not advocate racing, but I was awestruck and I wanted that condition for myself, ever since childhood. 

When I diet, I eat more

Actually, when I decide to transform from the picture on the left to the picture on the right, I actually eat more. In fact, I just increase the volume of my training, meaning about 20% more reps on the same exercises. Additionally, I eat 10% more calories and take 0 days off for 3 weeks, and voila, left to right. 


Competing is an experience. The world looks different from the stage. Here I stand at 5'9" and 176 pounds. 

Never quit. Listen to Yourself.

"Become independent of the good opinion of others and be free from the need for approval". Dr. Wayne Dyer

No Drugs or Supplements

Everyone keeps saying you can't do this naturally. I keep saying the only way you can do this is naturally. 
I never said that to myself for one moment. Ask yourself this, "Does your self talk help or hinder you"?