The Best Online Trainer and Coach in The World

Victor Costa is among the top fitness trainers in the world. His audios, videos and coaching are enlightening, unique, and transcend the advice of the average fitness trainer or coach. 
Doctors, scientists, and athletes agree that Victor's training is the safest and most effective. Victor has been awarded an Honorary Lifetime Certification by The ISSA for his contributions to the sport of bodybuilding. If you want to change your body or your life, he is the coach you need.

Professional Opinions

 Doctors, scientists, athletes and even trainers appreciate that Vic's training and teaching is on another level of instruction. 

Fitness Transformations

Transformations are quite simple actually. We tend to think of a transformation as requiring a tremendous effort. That is not the case. All transformations begin with a shift in thinking and of allowing the body to come into alignment with what you would like for yourself. Vic's training revolves around this idea. Vic teaches his clients how to achieve remarkable results in the fastest and safest way possible- whether you exercise in a state of the art gym or at home with dumbbells or resistance bands. 

Testimonial from a Competitor

The greatest sign of respect, is having your competitors endorse you. Top trainer Lass Lassiter endorses Vic's training. 

A Message From Vic

Below you will find courses and seminars. Choose the one that is right for you. If you need help choosing, call Vic at (917) 655-1348 or email

Chris Pedersen - Testimonial

With Vic's training, Chris Pedersen transformed his body and his life in just two months. Do you have 2 months to change your physique? He use the audio and video training package with Consultation from Vic. 

Justin Lacy - Testimonial

Justin Lacy, member of the US Coast Guard, transformed his body with Vic's Training.

Weight Loss Transformations

You must first see something in your mind's eye, then, the rest is already written. Dieting and deprivation is not the ket to weight loss. Vic's coaching and weight loss seminars are immersive and like no other. A combination of meditation, specific exercise, yoga and coaching will change your body. Inner change, focus and changing your thoughts are the biggest contributors to weight loss.  

Mike Graves

Mike Graves lost 80 pounds and is healthier than ever. He used the technology in Vic's Nutrition program to change his life. He uses Vic's training methods to tighten up after his weight loss. Amazing results. 

Weight Loss Transformations

Mica Condos achieved remarkable results with Vic's weight loss program in just 2 short months. Vic works very closely with his weight loss clients. Transformations like this can happen very easily and with very little effort when you are open to new ideas and have decided to make a change. 

Astounding results with a strong perspective

Victor Costa has achieved astounding results for himself and his clients. For his bodybuilding transformations, Victor does not believe is performance enhancing drugs, or even supplements or protein powders. For his weight loss transformations, he does not believe in traditional diets or deprivation, or cutting out entire food groups. 
So how does he do it? 
Vic's training is unique and focuses on optimal health as the primary agent for muscle development and weight loss. 
In addition to audios and videos, some clients will get an opportunity to work directly with Vic depending on the program you choose.

28 DAY Bodybuilding and Fitness Transformation at Home with Dumbbells

Only have a pair of dumbbells? No Problem. You don't need a full gym to create the physique of your dreams. View Course to Learn More. 
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28 DAY Resistance Bands Bodybuilding and Fitness Transformation

Bodybuilders use weights all year. But before a contest to get pumped up, they use resistance bands. Why? Because they work. View Course.
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54 DAY Gym Workout Transformation Program

Training in the gym? If so,  this is the program you want. Train with Vic over the next 54 days and unlock your gains. View Course. 
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Vicsnatural Nutrition Program

The Best Nutrition and Meal Planning Program Available. Just set your goals, and we'll create the nutrition program to get you there.
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In this personal one on one with Vic, he will get to know you and craft a personal bodybuilding plan just for you.
View course $150

Vicsnatural Bronze Course Dumbbells

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Vicsnatural Silver Course Dumbbells

View course $1,495

Vicsnatural Gold Course Dumbbells

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Vicsnatural Bronze Training Program Resistance Bands

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Vicsnatural Silver Resistance Bands Program

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Vicsnatural Gold Training Program Resistance Bands

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Vicsnatural Bronze Bespoke Course for Gym

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Bespoke Gym Silver Program

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Vicsnatural Gold Gym Program

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